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Food Science and Industry Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree in food science and industry provides excellent training in the basic sciences as well as course work in food chemistry, food microbiology, food analysis, food engineering, food processing, nutrition, product development and business management. 

Students earning the degree online with the Food Business and Operations Management Option must minor in business, agribusiness or agricultural economics as they prepare for management and other opportunities in the food industry.

Careers in Food Science and Industry  

Completing the program opens up new professional opportunities for graduates in such fields as food science, meat science and other areas.

Graduates are needed to manage and supervise sophisticated food manufacturing industries that produce poultry, fresh and processed meat, dairy products, bakery goods, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables, confections and snack foods. Job placement and starting salaries have been excellent.

Imaginative and well-trained people are needed in research and product development to create new and innovative products and processes. Some graduates work with producers to improve the quality of raw materials. Persons trained in HACCP and food safety, microbiology, quality assurance and sensory analysis are needed to help food processors meet more stringent consumer and government requirements. Others are involved in selling, merchandising, advertising or managing food operations. Government regulatory agencies also hire food scientists to assure public health, nutrition and food labeling. If students have foreign language capabilities, international food industry jobs are available.


Kansas State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The food science and industry bachelor’s degree is offered through the K-State Food Science Institute in the College of Agriculture.

Quick Facts

Degree: Bachelor of Science
College: Agriculture
Credits: 126
Course delivery: Online, message boards, email, CD-ROM, guided study

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