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Kansas State University

Pinnacle Honor Society

K-State’s Pinnacle Honor Society, the Non-Traditional National Honor Society, gives inductees recognition as well as the chance to develop academic honor experience on or off campus. As an honor society, there is a set of minimum expectations that need to be met to be considered an applicant into Pinnacle. K-State is one of Pinnacle’s 25 charter chapters, which now includes over 140 colleges and registered universities.

The benefits of Pinnacle Honor Society are:

  1. Acknowledgement for a record of excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service with an internationally recognized Honor Society.
  2. Life membership and receipt of a credential that is recognized for quality and selectivity by graduate programs, institutions, and professional fields.
  3. Opportunity to make a significant contribution to the quality of peer life.
  4. Participate with an online forum composed of peers who create ideas and programs to serve others and implement those efforts.
  5. Experience the principle of "best leadership practices" with dedicated campus leaders.

Visit the Pinnacle National Honor Society website