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Kansas State University

Family Studies & Human Services Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program

Family Studies & Human Services
Bachelor’s Degree
Combining a solid background in human development with a specific discipline of your choice
Course Delivery
Application Requirements
At least 30 credits including specific courses
Completion Requirements
124 credit hours with grades of "C" or higher on professional coursework
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Suppose you know you want to serve the greater good, but you’re also intrigued with a specific academic discipline. Well, in family studies and human services, you will combine a solid background in human development with a concentration from an outside area such as psychology, sociology, gerontology, or women’s studies. You can work with your advisor to customize your degree path for your particular interests. Students in this program often go on to administrative roles in youth programs, the court system, Cooperative Extension, family support programs, and public health departments.

Application Deadline Dates