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Kansas State University

How Do I Start

Early Childhood Education

Please view the Prerequisites on the Admissions page to make sure you meet all the prerequisites before applying to the program.

Application Process for Students who Meet the Prerequisites

Students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education:

  1. Apply online at or print out an application there. You’ll apply as a transfer student.
  2. If you have received credit from other institutions, send the transcripts to the K-State Admissions office, and follow up with that office to make sure that they have received your transcripts. Your application will not be processed until all transcripts from the institutions you’ve identified have been received.

Please note: It takes at least 4-6 weeks for an application to be processed once all materials have been received.

Admissions will forward your transfer course information to the Human Ecology Dean’s office. The Dean’s office will then check to make sure you meet the prerequisites. If you do, they will complete an evaluation of how your courses will apply toward a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. For the evaluation process to occur, your application, official transcripts, and course descriptions must be received no later than June 1 for fall semesters, November 1 for spring semesters, and April 1 for summer sessions.

Incomplete applications will not be processed until all materials are received and will be considered for the next available semester.