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Frequently Asked Questions

Early Childhood Education

How do I apply for this program?
Go to the “How Do I Start?” link on the left and follow each step.

How much will this cost?
While the costs can change each semester, you can find the most up to date estimates on the “What’s the Cost?” link, or if you go to the “Course Search” page and search for a specific course in a semester, it will give you a current tuition fee for that course.

Why are the courses more expensive than the on campus courses?
Tuition listed with each course description may include additional tuition components for distance education and off-campus classes and is based on information provided below. Charges are subject to change without notice.

    Tuition Components

    Equipment and Maintenance – charged to all students taking engineering and architecture courses.

    Licensing– some courses use tapes or other resources belonging to another institution or company such as PBS and require an additional per-student fee for the use of these resources. These vary by course.

    Distance Education Support – this fee varies and is dependent on the College offering the course. The fee covers departmental staff/GTA support and services.

Am I able to receive financial aid for online courses?
Yes. There are certain requirements you must meet in order to be eligible for financial aid. You can find those requirements and more information about financial aid on the K-State’s Student Financial Assistance Office’s website.

How long will it take me to complete this program?
View the ECE bachelor’s degree curriculum guide. There are a total of 124 credit hours required. 30 of those credit hours are required before you can apply to the ECE bachelor’s degree program (see the ‘Bachelor’s Degree’ link on the left). The amount of time it takes you to complete the program depends on the number of credit hours you take each semester. If you already have some credits that apply to the curriculum, subtract those from 124, then divide the number of credit hours you plan to take each semester. That will give you the number of semesters it will take to complete the program.

How do I get a copy of my semester grades for reimbursement purposes?
Kansas State does not mail grade reports to students. Options for accessing semester grades include:

  1. Students may view/print a copy of their semester grades from their student Center page in iSIS at
  2. Students may request a transcript through the K-State Registrar’s Office website at, click on “Transcripts.” The site includes a printable form and instructions for obtaining a transcript. The phone number for the Registrar’s Office is 785-532-6254. A small fee will be charged for each transcript requested unless the student is currently enrolled.

What is iSIS?
iSIS is Kansas State University’s new student information system implemented in the Fall 2008 semester. The system manages all aspects of the enrollment and maintenance of undergraduate and graduate students, from applying and enrolling in classes, to accessing grades and paying for tuition.

Where can I get enrollment help?
For help with your enrollment through the iSIS system, contact the K-State Global Campus at 1-800-622-2KSU (2578), 785-532-5575, or

How do I enroll in online or distance classes?
Enrollment in distance courses will start at: This beginning page will direct you to the appropriate semester for which you are enrolling. After finding the class(es) in which you want to enroll using the key word or other search criteria, print your Class Interest List and/or make a note of their "class numbers" so that you can locate them easily in iSIS.

Once you are linked to the iSIS system from the steps above, sign in with your eID and password and click on "Class Search/Browse Catalog". Click on "Additional Search Criteria", enter the "Class Nbr" that you noted and click "Search". An alternate way to find your class is to click on "Class Search/Browse Catalog", choose the Term (formerly called "semester") wanted and then click "Go". Choose the Class Criteria that you know, click on "Additional Search Criteria", and choose a Location of "Manhattan Continuing Education" (or "Salina Continuing Education", if appropriate). From the list of classes shown, those that show "Distance Education" in the "Room" field will be online classes. If a location has a room # and building, it is NOT an online class. DCE online classes will also have a Section Number that begins with "Z" (or "S" for Salina Continuing Education).

How can distance education help me?
For many adult learners who need more post-secondary education, distance education is the only option. Perhaps you need a degree or certification that you just can’t get where you live. You probably can’t walk away from your job or uproot your family. But your professional options may be limited without further education. Distance education can be the answer. Today’s technology allows students to benefit from the expertise of K-State faculty, often without ever setting foot in Manhattan, Kansas. You can continue to work full time while attending K-State!

How long does it take to be admitted?
Generally, it takes four to six weeks for a degree-seeking undergraduate application to be processed once K-State has received all the student’s previous transcripts. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

How will I know when I’ve been admitted?
You will receive a letter by mail to let you know that you’ve been admitted.

How will my courses be delivered?
Course content is delivered in a variety of formats including online, CD, DVD, e-mail lists, message boards, e-mail, videotape, audiotape, guided study, or Telenet 2 (videoconferencing). Basically, with Internet access and CD and DVD drives, you should be good to go! For a complete description of the course delivery methods visit

How will I find out what materials and textbooks I will need for my class?
Approximately one month before your class starts, you will receive an e-mail directing you to the Course Information Packet website. This link will provide you with much information about your class, including textbooks, the syllabus, drop and refund dates, who to contact for various questions, and links to many K-State websites.

Where can I order textbooks for my courses?
One source of textbooks for many distance courses is:
Varney’s Book Store
623 N. Manhattan Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66502
Phone: 785-539-0511 or 1-800-362-1574
FAX: 785-537-2351

Your Course Information Packet will list the textbook(s) you will need for your course. If you wish to order your textbook before you receive the Course Information Packet, you may call Varney’s and ask for the Textbook Order Department or visit Varney’s web site. Have your course name, number, and reference number handy. Sometimes used copies of books are available. Varney’s can ship your textbooks to you. Please contact Varney’s directly if you have any questions about your textbook order.

If available, K-State Global Campus will provide you with the ISBN of the textbook so you can purchase it from the vendor of your choice.

I have attended another college. I’d like to transfer my undergraduate credits to K-State. Can I do that?
Yes. Generally, we can accept up to 90 hours from other accredited institutions. You can transfer up to half of your bachelor’s requirements from a two-year (community) college, usually 60 to 63 hours. Contact those institutions and have them send an official copy of your transcript to the K-State Admissions Office. You should also visit our transfer equivalency page to see which of your credits will transfer to K-State.

What are the minimum requirements my computer must meet in order to take distance education courses from K-State?
Whether you use a Windows-based PC or a Mac to take your distance education courses, check the system requirements.

How do I access my online courses?
After you’ve been admitted, created your K-State eID and have been officially enrolled, you will use your eID and iSIS to access your grades, use your e-mail account, and view your tuition bill. Most online classes will use K-State Online, the University’s online course management system. You will sign in to with your eID. Specific instructions about your class will be in your Course Information Packet (see above).

How do I get a K-State eID?
Here’s some information about how to set up your eID.