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Kansas State University

Nuclear Engineering Minor

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College of Engineering
An online minor in nuclear engineering designed for working professionals who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering and for current students enrolled in an ABET-accredited engineering program.
Course Delivery
Application Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering from an ABET-accredited institution (completed or in progress)
  • Undergraduate GPA of 2.3
  • Other requirements
Completion Requirements
15 credit hours with 2.3 minimum GPA

The Minor in Nuclear Engineering offered by the College of Engineering at Kansas State University (K-State) is offered online and is open to engineers who are already working in the engineering industry and wish to expand their knowledge and training in the nuclear area. Current engineering students at any ABET-accredited institution can also take coursework towards the Minor and earn this credential upon the completion of their degree.

Our nation is experiencing a resurgence in societal interest in nuclear power as a means to address the country’s energy needs and combat problems commonly associated with widespread usage of fossil fuels. As a result of this expansion of nuclear power, many entities associated with nuclear power plant construction, operations, and regulations are in the process of making plans to significantly increase the number of engineers they hire. In many cases, these hiring organizations would prefer that the engineers have a background in nuclear engineering, either in the form of a nuclear engineering degree or at least in the form of coursework related to the nuclear engineering field. The Minor in Nuclear Engineering at K-State both allows students to acquire a formal background in nuclear engineering subjects and fulfills a societal need for engineers with nuclear engineering experience.

Contact Information

Ellen Stauffer
Division of Continuing Education
Kansas State University
1615 Anderson Ave., Suite 245
Manhattan, KS 66502
Phone: 785-532-2562

Bill Dunn
Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department
Kansas State University
137-F Ward Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone: 785-532-5628