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Kansas State University

Special Courses

The K-State College of Education through K-State Global Campus offers special courses for a variety of audiences including educators, students, higher education professionals and nonprofit organizations. Following is a list of courses that are regularly offered with new opportunities added periodically.

  • Effective Practice: Teaching in Today’s World – New online course work developed for teachers and paraprofessionals who want to renew their credentials, improve their teaching skills and make a positive impact for K-12 students. Course work will provide much-needed, high-quality professional development and credit opportunities for K-12 personnel.
  • Functional Special Education - This set of courses provides knowledge for teachers who work with children and youth for whom the general education curriculum is not appropriate. Approximately 15,000 Kansas public school students need a more functional curriculum. Courses can be completed as preparation for the Functional Special Education endorsement PRAXIS test in Kansas.
  • Fundamentals of Program Evaluation – This course is for those who are preparing for or are in positions where accountability of programming is expected.
  • Grant Writing – A course for educators and individuals in nonprofit organizations and businesses who are writing and applying for grants. Offered in the fall term.
  • Healthful and Safe College Life – A course for students who are preparing for college and for college students who want to increase their knowledge of healthful practices while in college.
  • Mathematics Education – This set of courses provides training in pedagogy and the Common Core Standards for the K-12 teachers. A flyer is available for you to print and share with others.
  • A NON-CREDIT module, Developing Essential Understanding of Rational Numbers, is available for K-6 grade teachers to learn about the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
  • PRAXIS Exam Preparation - Online preparatory courses offered to prepare middle and high school teachers for the Kansas Department of Education PRAXIS exams in Chemistry, Middle School Mathematics, Middle School Science, and Physics. Noncredit options are available for PRAXIS preparation courses. Use the Courses link above to search for Praxis Prep courses offered through Kansas State University.
  • Stress Management – A course offered for students and working professionals to learn to manage all that life deals.
  • SVS High School Spanish – Meets the need of school districts that are without a foreign language teacher. Led by a certified Spanish teacher, SVS Spanish offers full-year SP I and SP II courses using DVD lessons and interactive communication practices.
  • Teaching Civics and Government - Courses that correspond to the Center for Civic Education’s We the People curriculum and the National Standards for Civics and Government.