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Kansas State University

Effective Practice: Teaching in Today’s World

New online course work developed for teachers and paraprofessionals who want to renew their credentials or improve their teaching skills and make a positive impact for K-12 students. Course work will provide much-needed, high-quality professional development and credit opportunities for K-12 personnel.

Program objectives:

  • engage K-12 personnel who want to renew their teaching credentials or improve their skills and practices
  • extend content knowledge, instructional skills and pedagogy to educators in an online accessible format
  • support and prepare teachers and paraprofessionals who wish to acquire or renew their teaching license and/or local- or state-mandated paraprofessional credentials
  • provide additional, high-quality, online courses for the M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction

By meeting these objectives, Kansas State University hopes to help promote effective teaching at multiple levels.

Course Delivery and Course Information

Courses will be in a semester format but will allow flexibility for individual scheduling. Options include:

  • graduate credit at the current K-State tuition rate of $486.80 per credit
  • continuing education units at the noncredit rate of $300 per course

Participants will work through modules in the K-State Online format, communicating with the instructor and other participants when necessary. Two courses will be offered every fall and every spring.

Course Offered Online
Meeting the Needs of All Students Fall (beginning 2013)
Reading/Writing Skills and Application Spring (beginning 2014)
Effective Teaching Methods Spring (beginning 2014)
Mathematics Skills Development and Application Fall (beginning 2014

Course Descriptions

Meeting the Needs of All Students: A course that helps educators support all learners, create an inclusive learning environment and develop strategies that promote student engagement and motivation.

  1. Differentiating Instruction
  2. Teaching Multicultural and Diverse Learners
  3. Motivating and Engaging All Students

Reading/Writing Skills and Application: A course that explores literacy skills, knowledge and classroom application to help meet the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

  1. Effective Reading Instruction in Today’s Classrooms
  2. Effective Writing Instruction in Today’s Classrooms
  3. Application of Reading and Writing

Effective Teaching Methods: A course that explores effective strategies for managing students, developing instructional approaches and assessing and analyzing student performance.

  1. Managing Individuals and Small Groups
  2. Instructional Approaches
  3. Assessing Student Performance

Mathematics Skills Development and Application: A course that prepares educators to apply foundational mathematical skills and concepts while meeting the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

  1. Number Sense and Basic Algebra Skills and Application
  2. Geometry and Measurement Skills and Application
  3. Data Analysis Skills and Application


The course developer and instructor is Dr. Lotta Larson, a former classroom teacher and current associate professor in Curriculum and Instruction who teaches a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and professional development events across the country, particularly in the areas of literacy instruction and innovative teaching strategies.