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Academic Advising

There are no prerequisites for any of the academic advising courses and there is no specific order in which the courses must be completed. Courses are offered on a rotational basis. Students may take the courses in the order that works best for them. However, it is recommended that all students take EDCEP 835 - Foundations of Academic Advising during the first or second semester in the program.

Course Schedule

Multi-Semester Schedule (PDF)

Spring 2014

Summer 2014

Fall 2014

Course Descriptions

EDCEP 816. Research Methods. (3 hrs) This course is a survey of qualitative and quantitative social science research methods. It is practitioner centered and provides a critical analysis of published research and action research to foster research-enlightened decision-making in professional practice.

EDCEP 829. Learning Principles. (3 hrs) Exploration of learning theories and an overview of research on factors that enhance academic performance, including psychosocial variables, learning styles, and learning strategies. The course covers strategies for enhancing student academic performance, ranging from assessment to implementation. (certificate course)

EDCEP 835. Foundations of Academic Advising. (3 hrs) Examines the foundations of academic advising as essential components of student success and retention in higher education. Topics include developmental advising; research on academic advising; models and delivery systems; advising skills, including diverse populations; and evaluation, assessment, and reward systems for advisors and advising programs. (certificate course)

EDCEP 836. Interpersonal Relations for Academic Advising. (3 hrs) This course focuses on developmental communications/interpersonal relations skills. Topics to be addressed include influences on the helping process such as personal characteristics, verbal and nonverbal responses and behaviors, and ethical considerations.

EDCEP 837. Administration of Academic Advising. (3 hrs) This course is designed to provide an opportunity for you to become familiar with the important theories, concepts, models, issues, and other factors involved in the administration of academic advising in higher education settings. Assignments toward this goal include response papers, participation in online discussions, and submission of a cumulative portfolio. – Syllabus Sample (PDF)

EDCEP 838. The College Student and the College Environment. (3 hrs) This course is designed to introduce students to the major human development theories involving college students in American higher education. Special attention will be given to contemporary student development theory and research. Focus will also be directed toward understanding how this body of theory and research can be used to guide the design of policies and practices in higher education. Beneficial to advisors, counselors, and student affairs professionals. (certificate course)

EDCEP 851. Multicultural Aspects of Academic Advising. (3 hrs) This course introduces students to the various cultural, ethnic, racial, and linguistic issues associated with advising practice. (certificate course)

EDCEP 854. College Student Athletes. (3 hrs) (Previously EDCEP 752) Study of college student athletes. Topics include the role of intercollegiate athletics, pressures and challenges on student athletes, student development theory, life skills programming, National Collegiate Athletic Association policy, diversity, and gender issues.

EDCEP 863. Trends in Career Development. (3 hrs) This course addresses the role of work in people’s lives across the life span, with an emphasis on the application of career development theories, research, practice, and resources to higher education. Topics are presented to help professionals in higher education facilitate students’ academic and career development, planning, and decision-making within the context of the changing world of work. (certificate course)

EDCEP 864 Current Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics (3 hrs) (Previously EDCEP 761) Examines policies and procedures of the NCAA, roles and responsibilities within a department of intercollegiate athletics, and relevant research. Topics include marketing, fundraising, external relations, sports information, coaching, academic support, among others.

EDSP 853. College Students with Special Needs. (3 hrs) This course focuses on college students who have disabilities. Topics to be addressed include: who are the students with disabilities; disability as culture; historical, legal, and ethical considerations; equity and access to campus; universal design/technology issues; academic, social, emotional, and mental health issues; and services and supports.