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Submitting Abstracts

Submit an Abstract

Each presenter is allowed to give one oral paper and one poster. The only exception is when a person has been asked to participate in two symposia. In that case, the person can give two oral papers (and zero posters). Each person can be on multiple (>2) titles, but can only give one oral paper and one poster.

When you visit the site for the first time, please click on the link on the top line. You will be asked to register with the site. After you register, you will receive an email with a set of instructions for abstract submission attached. PLEASE NOTE: Abstracts will be entered directly into a box on the submission page. You do not need to use a template or upload a file. You can cut and paste directly from Word or copy any text into the box. Abstracts are limited to 250 words.

You can edit your submission and information up to the end of abstract submission: 31 March 2014. There will be no deadline extensions.

*Please avoid the use of language or visual effects that would in any way offend your colleagues. Refrain from lewd or suggestive jokes, photographs, and offensive language.

If you fail to receive an email after you submit, please check your spam filter, the message may be spammed. If you have any problems, contact Marty Crump.

*In order to present in Chattanooga, all presenters, including symposia presenters, must register and pay for the meeting. Meeting registration is a separate system from the abstract submission site and requires a separate login username and password. Registering in one system does not register you into the other system. If this is your first abstract submission for the 2014 meeting, you must create a new account in the abstract submission system.

Submit an Abstract