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This seminar will provide a forum for those involved in biobased products and bioenergy to present ideas and interact with others. Biobased products include cotton, wood, wool, paper, and newer products that are produced from agriculture, such as ink from soybeans. Bioenergy is energy from plants and biomass including ethanol, biodiesel, and methane from anaerobic digestion. The seminar will consider the next 100 years and sustainability issues associated with food, biobased products, and bioenergy. Posters and exhibits are invited. Optional academic credit is available to serve the needs of the students in the Biobased Products and Bioenergy Certificate program and other students, both on campus and online. Optional continuing education hours are also available.

The goal of this 3 day program is to address issues related to the use of natural resources for production of food, energy and materials. As petroleum prices increase, the challenges of making good use of land, water, and energy are greater. This is an opportunity to listen to professionals speak on important topics related to global aspects of food, biobased products and bioenergy.

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We gratefully acknowledge our Gold Sponsor:
Consortium for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability (CESAS)