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Kansas State University


It is a pleasure to welcome you to this website to learn more about Kansas State University's upcoming Arab-American Women Conference, hosted by our own University Distinguished Professor, Dr. Michael Suleiman. At this time, 36 noted scholars from around the world are scheduled to make presentations on a variety of topics, including issues of gender, identity, health, assimilation, experiences, challenges, and accomplishments. Kansas State University is pleased to have this timely and important conference on our campus, and I know that it will provide a stimulating atmosphere and thought-provoking sessions that will help to give this important topic the attention it deserves. I hope to see you here when the conference commences this coming March.

Best wishes,
M. Duane Nellis
Provost and Senior Vice President

Welcome from the Conference Organizer

As organizer/convener of the Conference on Arab-American Women, I am delighted to welcome you to the conference and to Kansas State University. As this is the first such conference, I sought to have presentations covering a wide variety of issues pertinent to Arab-American women's lives, including history, society, politics, gender, health, religion, etc. I am confident that the papers and discussions will provide a rich array of original studies and generate much intellectual debate. It is my hope that the conference will inspire others to convene similar conferences on this important topic, which will enhance our understanding of the Arab-American community generally and Arab-American women specifically.

Michael W. Suleiman
Distinguished Professor
Department of Political Science
Kansas State University