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Kansas State University

Presenter Information

You have been selected as a presenter for K-State's 26th Annual Academic Chairpersons Conference because of your successful and unique experiences as a department administrator. Your innovative ideas and leadership strategies have been recognized and you now have the opportunity to share those best practices with colleagues from around the nation.

The guidelines provided will assist you in preparing for your presentation at the conference. Many of the recommendations are based on the comments of participants from past conferences.

The main goal of the conference is to provide our audience practical, usable information that can be taken back and applied on campuses around the nation. The conference provides a climate of open discussion. We provide ample time for networking.

As a presenter, please keep in mind that attendees are from a variety of disciplines and various institutional sizes. We encourage you to plan your presentation with the audience in mind.

We appreciate your contributions and we are here to assist you and answer questions as needed.

Sharon Brookshire