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Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership
Graduate Certificate
Skills and knowledge to be an effective leader
Course Delivery
Application Requirements
  • Minimum GPA on last 60 credits of undergraduate degree
  • OR 3.0 minimum graduate GPA
  • OR concurrent enrollment in another graduate degree program
  • Prerequisites for the required courses in the curriculum are: Calculus, 2 courses in economics (Micro and Macro), and 3 hours of statistics.
  • Admission to K-State Graduate School
Completion Requirements
15 gradaute credit hours of course work with 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA

The Business Organizational Leadership graduate certificate prepares students to be effective leaders for business teams at all organizational levels. Students will be able to take charge and provide for a corporation, government agency, or non-profit organization in new and better ways. Students will also develop skills in creating the structure of an organization, managing conflict, operating at an international level, and guiding decision-making and organizational management.

This program offers new opportunities for working professionals by enhancing creative abilities, helping develop new technical skills, providing professional development, enhancing organizational dynamics, broadening knowledge of business trends, and strengthening long-range planning development skills. Students obtain the skills, knowledge, qualifications, and confidences to move into a higher-level leadership position in their career.

To complete the program, students must complete 15 credit hours while maintaining a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA.

Contact Information

Director of Graduate Studies
College of Business Administration
Kansas State University
112 Calvin Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-0501
Phone: 785-532-7190

K-State Global Campus
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