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Kansas State University

Occupational Health Psychology

Program Costs

In today’s fast-paced, busy world, pursing education via distance is very convenient for many students. In making the decision to pursue education via distance rather than traditionally, prospective students often ask: "What is the cost?" The following table is a guide to help estimate the total cost of earning a Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health Psychology via distance education at Kansas State University. These costs are based on starting the certificate program in Fall 2012.

Estimated Costs
  Tuition Books Proctoring Fees Credits Totals
PSYCH 840 $1,410 $60-100 $- 3 $1,470-1,510
PSYCH 841 $1,410 $65 - 3 $1,475.00
PSYCH 807 $1,410 $30-190 - 3 $1,440-1,600
PSYCH 842 $1,410 - - 3 $1,410
Program Totals* $5,795-5,995

* Based on range of estimated cost of 12 credit hour certificate.

Note: Due to federal law, non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.