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Kansas State University


Welcome to Kansas State University Global Campus Affiliates page! K-State offers you the widest range of distance education possibilities through partnerships with a variety of educational organizations and institutions. Our affiliates extend beyond the university campus, across the state, and even across the nation to help you pursue your education anytime, anywhere. See the listing below for all K-State distance education affiliates and contacts.

In the K-State Community

K-State Alumni Association
Where K-State Alumni receive updates on K-State activities, programs, athletics, and more! Visitors can purchase K-State Alumni products or learn about the new K-State Alumni Center.

Distance Education Alumni Advisory Committee
The Alumni Advisory Committee enhances the growth of Continuing Education by providing insight about distance programs based on past experiences and their current professional and personal experiences. The Committee also provides leadership for developing financial support for distance programs and students.

Institute for Academic Alliances
The K-State Institute for Academic Alliances develops and manages collaborative distance learning alliances that respond to critical educational needs, including the Great Plains IDEA and Big 12 Engineering Consortium.

K-State at Salina Office of Continuing Education
Find out about Continuing Education courses offered through K-State at Salina offered for credit or non-credit. Information on courses for high school and college credit are included as well. K-State at Salina also offers multimedia services and conference rooms.

K-State Connections
Links to various K-State affiliates in the Big 12, the Kansas Board of Regents, and partner universities. Various other Kansas links are also included.

UFM Community Learning Center
UFM Community Learning Center offers creative learning opportunities, lectures, and outreach and community programs for personal development and lifelong learning.

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Across Kansas

2+2 Agreements
K-State has joined with a number of community colleges to offer 2+2 agreements that allow students to earn the first two years at a local community college and then continue through distance education to complete a bachelor’s degree.

K-State at Barton
Barton Community College offers many programs of study leading to an associate or pre-professional degree. K-State at Barton works closely with students and BCC to continue their education on the Manhattan campus or through K-State Distance Education.

K-State at Colby
Colby Community College offers a variety of programs and learning opportunities. K-State at Colby works to help students continue their education on the Manhattan or Salina campuses or through K-State Distance Education.

K-State at Dodge City
K-State has joined with Western Kansas Community Colleges to provide high quality, full-service educational opportunities to people in Western Kansas.

EduKan is an online consortium of community colleges. This useful website offers online tutoring, online associate degrees, and information on each of its partner colleges and universities.

Fort Riley
K-State has been providing educational opportunities for military and families for over 50 years. K-State is a service member opportunity college.

Heartland Alliance
This alliance brings together administrators and educators from a variety of Kansas institutions to share technology expertise, resources, and training, with a special emphasis on distance education in Kansas.

IDEA Center
The Individual Development Educational Assessment (IDEA) Center is based out of Manhattan, Kansas. The center concentrates on evaluating teaching through student evaluations. This site is of particular interest to university faculty, department chairs, deans, administrators, researchers, and on-campus coordinators.

Kansas Board of Regents
The Kansas Board of Regents governs 6 state universities, and it supervises and coordinates 19 community colleges, 5 technical colleges, 6 technical schools, and a municipal university. This site provides information on educational institutions, as well as the state standards.

Kansas Regents Online Catalog
The online catalog allows searches for various distance education courses offered throughout Kansas. This site is managed by the Kansas Board of Regents.

Kansas City Collegiate Admissions Professionals (KCCAP) is a consortium of colleges and universities represented in the Kansas City metro area that provides education fairs to businesses and organizations

Local Education Adult Resource Network (LEARN) is an educational organization comprised of colleges, universities and trade/technical schools located in Wichita that work together to provide a rich diversity of educational opportunities for adults and employers.

One Health Kansas
Kansas State University and the Kansas Health Foundation have joined together to form “One Health Kansas,” which promotes awareness and understanding of the interconnections among human, animal, and environmental health issues. The project will build a pipeline of future public health professionals and will provide a broader and more in-depth education for current and future professionals.

University of Kansas
The University of Kansas offers Independent Study Courses.

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Big 12 Conference Distance Education
Each of the 12 major universities in the Big 12 Conference participates in distance education. This website will direct users to distance education programs at each Big 12 school.

University Engineering Alliance
Formally established in 2008, the University Engineering Alliance enables students to enroll at any partner school to take fully online nuclear engineering courses taught by Kansas State University, the University of Kansas, Baylor University, Iowa State University, the University of Nebraska, Texas A&M University, the University of Missouri, and the University of Texas at Austin without having to deal with the hassle of credit transfer.

Great Plains IDEA
The Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA) is a consortium of universities offering online graduate and undergraduate programs in several academic programs in the human sciences and agriculture. Academic programs are the core of the consortium and curricula are developed by inter-institutional faculty teams. Students are enrolled in courses and graduate from one institution but may be taught by faculty from any of the member institutions participating in their program. The Great Plains IDEA web site gives degrees offered, graduation requirements, and course descriptions for each program area offered in both the Human Sciences and Agriculture.

Information about agriculture programs can be accessed by following the “Agriculture Programs” link on the Great Plains IDEA website or by visiting the Agriculture Interactive Distance Education Alliance (AG*IDEA) website at AG*IDEA is an affiliate of the Great Plains IDEA.

Pathways to Public Health
Pathways to Public Health is an initiative to provide an innovative, integrated approach to the recruitment and retention of students historically underrepresented in the food and agricultural sciences workforce. The Pathways to Public Health helps students become aware of career opportunities in public health-related professions while they attend classes at the community college, helps students obtain early field experience in four public health emphasis areas relevant to food and agricultural sciences, and helps students with the transition from community college to Kansas State University (K-State) where they may complete Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees. This program is partially funded by a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Higher Education Challenge Grant.

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Center for Legal Studies
Kansas State University Global Campus has teamed up with the Center for Legal Studies to offer noncredit legal programs. The Center for Legal Studies, one of America’s most respected legal education training centers in the country has been offering legal programs that enhance an individual’s professional expertise in a variety of legal areas.

K-State Food Science Institute
The K-State Food Science Institute facilitates training of traditional and nontraditional undergraduate and graduate students; supports basic and applied research initiatives; and provides technical and scientific information to consumers, the food industry, and governmental agencies. The Food Science Institute works closely with the Global Campus to offer distance education credit programs and non-credit opportunities to the food industry. The Food Science programs are accredited by the Institute of Food Technologists which is a nonprofit scientific society with 22,000 members working in the food science, food technology, and related professions in industry, academia and government.

National Universities Degree Consortium (NUDC)
The National Universities Degree Consortium (NUDC) allows students and future students to browse distance education courses and various degree programs ranging from associate degrees to doctoral degrees to certificate programs. This site is key for distance education students.